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Intergenerational couples tend to embrace their differences from the get go, which is a key ingredient to relationship longevity.” It’s a dynamic that materializes not just in reality, but the fantasies of numerous gay men, men who are probably familiar with adult film star, Adam Russo. At 48, he’s not only made a profit off this mutual attraction between older men and younger men. For over a year, he’s been dating 29-year-old personal trainer, Joe Carrier.

On the surface, a typical photo of the couple could be another still from one of Keith’s films.

He'd picked her up and they went bowling in Winter Haven, Fla., at Cypress Lanes, which offers shoe and lane rentals for a quarter on Thursday nights, and specials on pizza and beer.

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There was no reason for Adam Hilarie to believe anything but the obvious: He had just been on a promising first date with a pretty girl.Hilarie had met Hailey Rose Bustos on Plenty Of Fish, which bills itself as the largest dating site in the world.A witness told investigators that Bustos had been involved in at least one similar robbery before, Ray told The Post.For her role in the deadly robbery of Adam Hilarie, Bustos was paid in cash, police said.“The one piece of advice that I would give to people in intergenerational relationships in particular is to be very mindful of shame,” Fager said.

“Shame can come from multiple angles in stigmatized relationships, from both the straight community and the gay community.

We all have feelings and opinions about what it means to date someone much older or much younger than us.

If we don’t get in touch with them, they can affect our relationships in negative ways.

But their attraction runs deeper than the physical.

“I think the most important thing is life experience or at least the desire to have as many different kinds of life experiences,” Keith told me.

For Carrier and Keith and numerous other gay couples, it’s the new normal.