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Periods of accelerated change and reconfiguration within capitalism - the 'creative' [.] destruction of everything it cannot use - produce what geographers have referred to as space-time convergence [.].The erosion [.] of the glorious age of post-war Fordism, and its displacement by some form of flexible [.] accumulation, represents in this context the most recent modulation in a recursive, wave-like pattern of space-time compressions. Such space-time implosion, in a city heavy with the signs of the past, as is Mexico City, seems to short-circuit ordered temporal narratives, projecting them out onto its surface.

Clark also tried to impregnate the victim for nine months using her own boyfriend’s sperm drained from used condoms.

No doctors or medical supervision was used in the attempts, prosecutors said. Clark isolated the victim from her family from December 2012 to January 2015, limiting her to a diet of beans, which resulted in a 65-pound weight loss, prosecutors said.

When that didn’t work, the victim was forced to have sex with two other men as the abuse got worse, according to the U. The Mexican woman was forced to sleep on the dining room floor.

READ ON THE TIMES-UNION (paywall) | Jacksonville woman pleads guilty to smuggling in Mexican woman, used her as sex surrogate Clark even tried to get the victim’s family to pay back money she paid to get her smuggled into the country from Mexico.

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She was arrested in mid-2015 after a neighbor saw the Mexican woman washing cars and exhibiting physical signs of abuse.

The neighbor took the woman into her home and alerted authorities.

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris , 1998 University of Cambridge I approach the theme of vampires and the living dead in cinema with some trepidation, not only because it's the right time of year for them to be popping out of their coffins and peeping invisibly into our mirrors, but also because I know that this is a theme with a long history in cultures in which I have little expertise.

So as to dispel any illusions from the outset, I am not going to say anything very new about the cultural and cinematic significance of Dracula, vampires, golems, and so on, but I am, hopefully, going to show you some of the exciting permutations which these take on in the cinematography of late twentieth-century Mexico, as part of an on-going study of the re-configurations of late-modern and postmodern urban culture in that haunted and distorting mirror which Europeans often see when they look at Latin America.

Postmodern cyborgs, however, are more modular: the machine does not substitute for the organic as its nightmare, roboticized double; machine and organism are instead multiply interfaced in complex networks in whose entangled threads we can read, amongst many other things, dramatic stories about the technological production of nature, the conflictual implantation of global power-knowledge systems, the gendering of bodies within the reproductive and replicative scenarios of biotechnology, and the recursive materialization and de-materialization of bodies across the televisual information horizon.